Keystone Catfishing May 5, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

We had a really rough ride today with sometimes what seemed like 40 mph winds ... the ride back to the ramp was really bad. We were confined to fishing the western most shore so that was pretty limiting but we done pretty good. We missed some fish and ended up with 13 for the day. When the winds got up to what seemed like a constant 30 mph I thought that was enough and headed back in. When we were about to part ways Mike said "don't write nuttin bad about us." and I said what could I write bad about ya? I got to thinkin that maybe some of my writings may seem bad but they're not really as some of it, ya just hadda be there to get the full humor of the occasions I write about. some are embellished a little perhaps and not persactly the way it all happened but when the people that went out with me read it, they get a kick out of it. I'm not sure what he thought that I could write bad about them today unless it's about missing the fish and that just happens ... ya can't hook all of them all the time. The fish bite in different ways on different days and sometimes ya don't miss any and other days you won't hook up hardly at all and ya just gotta roll with the punches. It seemed like Mike was getting a little frustrated about the missed fish but he didn't miss that many but in true Tiny fashion I hadda make it worse by saying something like ... that'uns tail weight 15 lbs man, or the boat rule bout getting whacked with the boat oar when ya miss a biggun but all that's just playin around. Gotta make light of those situations when they happen else it wouldn't be any fun at all. And all the stuff I write, everyone gets that's being written about else that wouldn't be any fun either. It was a really nice trip today all except for the winds ... we coulda done without that much wind. Thanks guys. 5/6/07 Mike emailed me so I could send him the original photos and told me bout how he was just jokin bout not writing anything bad about them ... hahaha ... I guess he got me hahaha.

James with the biggun of the day at 10.0 lbs.

James, Josh, and Mike with 13 pretty nice blues.