Tiny's Catfishing May 5, 2013

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Fished with Jeff Webster along with family and Friends. Jeff's dad ,Jerry. along with Mitch and Shane. It was tough figuring them out as they wouldn't bite except in extremely shallow water ... less than 2 ft deep. Then we started sackin um up ... they ended up with over 4 gallon of fillets and I had a lot of fun messin with the two younger fellers. Giving them the stink-eye and what not. hahaha.  We were dealing with the effects of the front that came through day before and it made fishing awfully tough. If those fronts ever quit coming through I'll have a lot easier time but until then I'll have to keep pulling from my bag of tricks. :)

Jerry with the first nice one of the day at 11 lbs

Jerry with the biggun of the day at 15 lb+

Jerry, Jeff, Shane and Mitch