May 6, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service
The fishing today was pretty rough. Wind was blowing about 90mph. I focused most of the day on catching big fish using half a bluegill on each pole. I hooked one that would go over 20 but about half way in the 6/0 gamakatsu circle hook popped out of his mouth. switched hooks to straight 7/0 j hooks and didn't do any better with those. I just got two more big bites ... just seemed like I was having a hard time hooking them good when I used the clickers and then instead of using the clicker I left the reel engaged and one broke my hook leader so about the last two hours I went back to using shad with smaller terminal gear and caught about 18 or so. didn't keep anything under 5 lbs except for one that I gut hooked.