May 06, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

We had a dandy day today. Rain and cold was the only bad part about it but I already knew where to fish and bait was fairly easy to catch. We fished about 3 hours and caught 11 fish ... I was trying to target larger fish using big bluegill heads and live bluegill with a few rods using shad heads to keep it interesting kinda active. Graham caught two that was close to 15+ lbs and 9 others. We started getting cold and ended the day early. It was another great time with Henry and Graham Lowden. Graham invited a friend to come along but he didn't want to go fishing in the rain. Graham was reeling one fish in and there was a giant swirl out there and I thought sure he had a biggun on and it came in and it was about 3 lbs but it had a bite mark that came from a pretty good sized fish ... don't know how big it was as we didn't get a look at it.

Here's Graham's two largest fish ... Graham was manning the camera.

Total catch for the day. About 70 lbs of fish in 3 hours