Keystone Catfishing May 6, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

An anatomy of a day! That's how it should read anyhow. I woke up this morning and felt like I'd been run over by a thousand horse. I couldn't hardly move for the first hour and my wife said I'm calling them and telling them you're not coming ... I said no you're not! ... These guys drove all the way from New Mexico to go fishing with me and I'm going but I had to call them and tell them I'd be about an hour late as the wind yesterday tore my back completely up. I can't really describe how it felt this morning as it was just pain all over. My eyebrows even hurt. Anyhow, I never received a return call from them confirming that they'd got my message so I scurried around as well as I could to get the boat loaded and gone and I made it over there about 8:15am. They told me they'd gotten my message and was just killing time and I called them when I got there at the parking lot and they was just around the corner so we headed to the boat ramp. We got out there and started fishing at about 9:30 and it was constant FISH ON! for two hours when I said I needed to pull the fish out and get a count ... I pulled them out about 11:15am and we had 27 fish with two we'd thrown back earlier. I said okay we need to probably think about throwing some of these smaller fish back or what do you want to do. Stan said let's just catch 3 more right quick and we'll call it a day. He said since you had such a bad time this morning why don't we let ya get a good rest and we'll come back and hit them tomorrow. I was thinkin man, this don't seem hardly fair to just fish a couple hours but okay hahaha. 32 fish in two hours of fishing ain't bad after yesterday's Deadliest Catch conditions. Stan and John are going fishing with me tomorrow also. I don't know if we can top today's catch though. We'll give it a shot though. We had 4 or 5 over 10 lbs today. Average was probably a little over 6 lbs each. I took the guys around to several fishin holes and showed them a few rigs that they should use in those areas and we worked on net throwing some and then I went home.

Stan and John with a double of 10+ fish right off the git go. The one on the right was the biggun for the day at 11.6 lbs

Stan with another 10+

John with another 10+

John and Stan Taylor. With a perdee nice mess of bluecat.

There's 23 fish on the floor and 4 more in the reserve livewell at about 11:15am