Keystone Catfishing May 9, 2009

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Fished with Rick, Anne and Kelsi today. Rick and Anne brought their granddaughter out fishin. It was a lot of fun today. Caught lots of fish and Poor Rick had a biggun he'd hung into and wouldn't ya know it ... it'd be one of those "the big one that got away" stories. Rick set the hook on that rascal and the fish jumped clean outta the water, and the battle was on ... for a few seconds anyhow. the fish wrapped my leader around a log out there and broke my 40 lb test leader. figured it had to been that because the mainline on my reel was 20 lb test and it broke just under the swivel on the 40. I looked at Rick and said ... aaaaaahhh ... we didn't want that one anyway ... did we? hahaha. Every time Kelsi would reel in a nice one she'd say "is that one 15 lbs?" nope ... I'd say ... did that about 7 or 8 fish and then she hooked a pretty nice one that went 13+ lbs "is that one 15 lbs?" Not quite but it's a goodern ... hahaha ... since Anne had caught a 15 ... Kelsi was wanting a 16 lb'r or at least a tie woulda been nice. hehehe. Kelsi did catch most of the fish though ... she was one fine fisherperson.

Kelsi with her first fish of the day

Anne's biggun of the day at 15+

Kelsi with her biggun of the day at 13+

Total Kept was 23