Keystone Catfishing May 7, 2010

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Fished with Darrell and Jerry's wives today and Darrell and Linda's son, Torre. It's always great to be able to fish with such lovely and fun loving ladies such as these ...they were a blast to fish with ... they got a kick outta my hat my wife made for me out of a pillow case ... sewed the pillow case around the brim of the hat to block sunlight off the back of my neck and sides so that I'd not get burnt as badly as I had been. When the veil flipped over in front of my face I'd do this little move sort of like my grand daughter does to get her hair out of her face and flip her head back along with a fem move with my hand to flip the veil back from in front of my face. They were allowing how I was in touch with my feminine side and I checked and I ain't got no fem side. I asked my wife if I had a fem side and she said no ... why do you ask ... the ladies today allowed I was getting in touch with it and she said they must have confused that with you being a big ole baby. Perhaps,  I said. Those two things are similar... in some small way. I can't remember any of the stories that were told other than me telling them about my wife sending me to the store after some rip cords..... uh-huh.

Jaque with the biggiest fish of the day at 11.5 lbs

Jaque and Torre on a nice double

Linda with a nice channelcat. She caught a lot bigger fish but I forgot to photograph it.