Keystone Catfishing May 7, 2011

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with a local family today. From here in Drumright. Grandad Wallace, Father Todd and his sons, Kallen and Kaden. A couple of finer young men you'd be hard pressed to find. These younguns and Tiny hit it off real quick today. They were master fishermanz too ... ole Tiny didn't have to show them how to do anything as they were adept at using baitcasters and all that. We set the clickers on in this one area and I explained to them that they have to turn the crank and Todd helped me because he'd say "Turn the crank" every time the boys went after a rod and then Todd decided he wanted to catch some so whilst he was getting a dip the rod beside him took off screaming and guess what .... he set the hook without turning the crank hahaha... I told him that that had to go on the web page since he was preaching to the boys about "turn the crank first" and then first rattle out of the box he made a bad booboo. hahaha he did what he was telling the boys not to did hahaha. It was a really fun day watching these younguns catch fish. Todd tell your wife I'm sorry ... I forgot all about getting a photo of ya'll with the fish all laid out on the front of the boat. We ended up with 29 fish total.

Kallen's first fish of the day. About 6 lbs

Kallen again with an 11 lb'r

Kaden with a nice 5 lb blue

I got Kaden and Grandad, Wallace in an action shot here

Kallen also caught the biggun of the day at 16 lbs