Tiny's Catfishing May 7, 2013

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Fished with Darrell Alfred and friends, Mr. Harold and "The Principal" No one could make me more nervous than a name like that as I'd had my arse lit up by more principals than any arse this side of the mississippi and there just so happened to be a boat oar identical to the one that was used on me several times in my boat so I was on my best behaviour. If he'd have made his way towards the boat oar I'd have been gone within a few seconds. "MAN OVERBOARD!!!!". I ain't kiddin neaner ... still have nightmares bout Mr. Ray and Coach Richards lightin my behind up when I was in school. hehehe. Kinda wushed I was bornt bout 30 years later so I'd have had that 800 number to call to prevent arse abuse. hahaha. Anyhow, back to fishin ... we caught over 300 lbs of fish today ... none too big though as we had a couple around 15 lbs but that was it. Always have a great time with Darrell as he and his is about like family. Thanks Guys. 

Darrell and the Principal one a double, right off the bat this morning

Darrell with a nice 15 lb'r

The Principal with a nice one about 15 lbs

Two 20 gallon tubs full of fish