Tiny's Catfishing May 7, 2016

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Fished with the Fosnight Family today, Son William, his wife Maggie, Father Bill and daughter Ashley. We had a lot of fun and the fishin wasn't bad either catching over 250 lbs total. Biggest one caught was 16 lbs caught by Maggie and several 10 to 15 lb fish were landed. Ashley and Maggie were a riot ... sassly Ashley and trash tawkin Mags. hahaha. Mags told everyone she would catch the biggest and she delivered ... Most of the maturish fish we caught were all females so I guess the males are mostly up river fixin to tend to the nests. Only three of them had viable eggs in them and the rest looked like reabsorbs from last year's spawn.

The livewell runneth over

Maggie with the biggun of the day

William with a biggun

Ashley was a natural .. shoulda expected as much when I seen she had fishin lures stuck in her head all over.

Bill, Ashley and Maggie on a triple


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