Keystone Catfishing May 10, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with my old friend Dewayne Johnson from down Dallas Country. His mother-in-law, Mary and his wife Teresa joined him for the long drive to keystone for some catfishing adventurizing. about the first rattle out of the box Mary latched onto this nice 10 in the top photo and it just escalated from there. We caught a quadrooooople (fourfish at once) and that was a skirmish and a half. hahaha. we had fish coming in from all angles and nice ones too. it was a great day ... we had some pretty good weather but they had to cut it short as Dewayne had a long drive home to contend with so we quit after about 1:35 or so ... we got started fishin between 8:30 and 9:00 I think so it was a fairly short day and we'd already boated a lot of fish ... around 120+ with 14 fish that averaged somewhere around 8 lbs with the biggest being around 15 lbs. Scales konked out on me so we don't know for sure but it was close to 15. We were catching fish like crazy and that little sideways front hit about 10:45 or so and seemed to shut them down for a little while and then we started catching them again later on after we'd made a couple of moves. really fun trip!

Mary's First fish at about 8 lbs

Then she caught a little flathead about 10 lbs

Here's that quadrooooople I was tellin ya'll about. Dewayne, Teresa and Mary.

Teresa helped with this one as she was the tether that kept Mary in the boat I think hahaha. 15 lbs.

Total catch for the day was 14. made about 4.5 gallons of fillets.