Keystone Catfishing May 10, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

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Dave brought his grandkids out for a day of fishin with ole Tiny. These boys put a whuppin on some catfish now. They turned back all their fish over 10 lbs and kept 26 fish. total they turned back was 8 so 34 fish total. We caught quite a few of the fish on cut smallmouth buffalo today and the rest came on shad. We got rained on early this morning and I heard some thunder grumbling back to the west of us thinkin that we might get run off the lake but it went on by us to the west and was a pretty nice day. We left at just the right time too as it started to mist right after I got all the fish cleaned. Grandpa Dave reeled in a few fish but was content and proud as he watched his grandkids reeling all those fish in all by they'ze lonesome.

Dave brought his grand younguns fishin today and we all had a blast.

David with his first 10+

Kelvon with his first 10+

David with another one

Kelvon with a 15

Then another that was about 15.5

Total cleaned today was 26