May 11, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

We fished up a real storm today by gawly, Fishing with Tulsa's Finest, it was a killer fishing day today. We caught 31 total and lost a few. Joe hauled in the biggest of the day at 19 lbs and Bill's two in the top picture was the first round with 14 fish total and the livewell was full. I cleaned those and started round #2 and we caught 17 more and pitched one back making it a full two person limit of fish for today with a guestimated weight of about 180 lbs total.

These three were the biggest of the day. the one on the right was 19 lbs with Joe Perkins holding it up and the other two Bill Wells is holding up a 13 lb 5oz and an 11 lb. This is a collage type photo and I just added it to the tornado picture. There's not really a tornado there when we're fishin hahaha.

We ran out of room in the livewell so I cleaned them and this is round #1

Second round of fish.