Keystone Catfishing May 11, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Went fishin with Mike, Mike and Bobby today. Had a rough ride out to the fishin hole as you can tell from this top photo ... it was so rough that it knocked all three of my guests to the floor of the boat. Now that's rough right there. hahaha. I guess they thought it was more comfortable to sit in the floor than in the seats. or may not been as cold down there. We fished hard all day long and about 2pm we had one fish in the boat and then figured them out ... the front that went through last night pushed the fish up into the flooded timber as that's where we caught all but that first fish. They wasn't out where I was catching them several trips before so we had to go in search and we found them and had a blast pullin them out of the lumber. Ole Mike on the left of the top photo got a little discouraged but he came out of it after he landed a couple of nice fish. the fish were also biting weird and it was hard to hook them ... seemed like they were grabbing the bait and hook and just hanging on for a good while then they'd just let go. tough fishin but we pulled it out in the 4th quarter.

Mike Lawson, his friends Mike and Bobby

Bobby's first good one ... bout 11 lbs.

Mike with a good one at about 10 lbs

we were setting up to take the pic of Mike's fish when another took off
and the other Mike got it.. that's him reeling it in on the right of this photo

Mike with another good one at about 10 lbs