May 12, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Fishing with Doug and Tom Clayton today. Stopped at my first spot I normally stop at to see if we couldn't hit some bigguns and it didn't look like the water was running at the dam so that means there's no current on the upper end of keystone. That kinda messed that spot up and we only caught a few there ... maybe 5 or so so we moved and got bit pretty good ... we ran out of shad and that's about all they want in this one spot so we made a shad run and came back and about 2:30 we had 28 fish. We ended up with about 35 or so keepers and threw about 5 back. We used up the second batch of shad pretty fast and it was getting around 4 so we left. All between 8 and 2 lbs.

Doug Clayton with a nice blue about 8 lbs
Doug Clayton with another about 8 lbs
28 bluecat by 2:30 pm.