Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tulsa

Tiny's Guide Service

We had a great time today. Jerob(big brother) and Kalan(little brother) in the catfishin boat. You can tell by the picture that he was having a great time. I ran off and left my ibuprofen in the truck so about an hour into the trip I started getting a little stove up. We were fishin along there real good and caught some fish and then we offered young Kalan (pronounced kay-lan) a Coke. Boy you talk about a live wire. I've never seen an 8 year old wired for 220v but this one was and he was juiced hahaha. he was bouncing off the gunwales. After the coke we got some bites but ole Kalan wanted to reel this one in and I'd just throw one out and he'd want to reel it in ... it went on like that until we were out of Sandbass baits hahaha. He'd say can I reel that one in ... I said you can do anything you want... you're the boss. And there he'd go ... I think I got one ... nope ... is our bait smushed ... nope throw it back out. About two or three trips in was all the baits could handle and then we'd have to change them and right there about the last 30 minutes or so we didn't have anything but big shad so I tried to get him to leave them out there and I think he got a little upset cause he was getting hot and we made him leave the life jacket on the whole time but he lit up when he was driving the boat ... I couldn't believe how he was handling the boat ... it was like he'd been doing it his whole life ... he knew how to throttle the boat up and all that without me even telling him and it was like astounding ... it blew Jerob away as well because as far as he knew this was his first boat ride let alone driving the boat ... how that came to be was he'd asked if he could sit beside me and I said you can drive the boat if you want and that got him stoked. he motored around there for a while and if gas wasn't so High we'd have probably just let him drive the boat around the rest of the time because he seemed to really be enjoying that. The picture below was one of his first fish. I think tiny made some new friends today. It was a real treat for me. Nice job all the way around Kalan! Jarob forgot to get his fishing license so he wasn't able to fish today. Does it look like Kalan is having a good time or what?!