Keystone Catfishing May 13, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Joe Perkins, Steve and Danny today. Tulsa's Finest retired police catfishin force. They came out to spend a day of their retirement with ole tiny and we had a good time ... caught quite a few fish as well. I noticed that I didn't get a pic of Joe on my camera though ... Don't know how I did that or didn't do that as he caught several nice ones. I think we had around 14 or 15 for the day and the biggest at 11+ lbs. Danny had one on that got off right close to the boat ... Joe said it was a biggun but I never got a look at it as I was tending to another fish that was in the net that Steve had reeled in. I got the net free about the same time the fish came free ... I looked at Danny and said in a low voice ... "we didn't wanna clean that one anyhow, did we!" hahaha.

Sorry bout not getting the page up until the next day. I had some major problems when I got home and on into the next morning and just now getting around to it.

Danny with the biggun of the day, 11+

Steve with a nice one at 8 lbs