Keystone Catfishing May 13, 2009

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Fished with Tom, Kelly, Cory and Rosey today, had a tough day. I had a nick in my line above the leader and wouldn't ya know it ... that'd be the biggun that hit that pole. Tom was reeling it in and it broke easily so I started razzin him about puttin his thumb on the spool and stuff tryin to put the blame off on someone else rather than taking all the heat myself hahaha. We seen lots of fish but they were scattered out really bad .. about 2 to 4 hits in each spot was all we got. I drove all over to try to find those heavy concentrations of fish... went up river about 20 miles I spose but never found them like we did on Saturday and Sunday. Had a lot of fun with some great guys. member now ... keep that thumb off that spool!!!! HAHAHA

Kelly caught the biggest of the day at 10 lbs

Cory, Rosey, Tom and Kelly with today's catch of 14 fish