Tiny's Catfishing May 14, 2017

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Fished with Gary and his wife Debbie along with Son Strike and his wife Whitney... named after Whitney Houston I found out. We boated almost to Kansas today before we found any fish as they're running up river for the spawn ... on the 15th I took some extra gas because we used 18 gallons on this trip and I thought my tank was 18 or 21 gallons ... that's what they told me when I purchased the boat so I guess it's a 21 gallon tank else we'd have run out today... I took extra gas on the 15th and it turned out that the fish were all the way past the kansas line today and all I found on the 15th was immature fish. I found some mature fish on the 14th and we hooked a couple but never got them in the boat. I couldn't go fishing in Kansas because I didn't have a kansas fishing license. hahaha.

Strike and Whitney posing with one of the fish she'd caught today

Whitney with biggun of the day

Action shot