Keystone Catfishing May 15, 2009

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Fished with a local today, Harold from over at Olive. We had a great day. Caught 23 or more and most all of them were 10 lbs or better except for just a few. Harold was knockin um down too. I said hey Harold ...whatcha breathin so hard fer? I knew what he was breathin so hard for though ... he was having to reel in three fish at a time on a couple of spots ... I ain't kiddin either .. he'd be reeling one in and another would take off and I'd have to set the hook for him on a couple of them and then no sooner than he got the second one started in a third one would take off ... he was hoppin all around the boat hollerin "BOOO YAAAHHHH!" hahaha. Harold caught about 5 after he'd reached his limit and a few of those were pretty good sized ... one was 13 lbs. One fish escaped the livewell when I was lookin through it for a small blue that I'd put in there that I was going to use for flathead bait if we found a good spot for it. I was like "I wasn't expecting that to happen!" Harold said I could see that. it was only bout a 7 lb'r so we made up for it pretty quickly. that dude just shot right outta the livewell like he was on fire or something. hahaha.

Here's the first triple Harold got in

Then he got a double

Then another triple

Then a 13 lb'r

Total kept was 14 blues, One channelcat and one flathead