Outdoor Oklahoma

Tiny's Guide Service

Went out with Outdoor Oklahoma to shoot some catfishing shows today. We did pretty good and did a lot of talking on different stuff while the fish wasn't bothering us. we caught several fish and the two in the picture was 11.8 and 10 lbs even. We caught several from 5 to 3 lbs as well. Jeff the ODWC Fishery biologist was fishing with me and also doing the talking (star of the show) with Darrin from Outdoor Oklahoma doing the camera work and directing from the Catfishing boat with Paul, Don and Brent in the other ODWC boat doing the filming from outside the boat. It was really fun seeing how those things came together and tiny got to talk some about fish location and rigs and what not. Darrin said he'd email me and let me know when it was going to air and I'll pass that one to everyone when I hear from him... it'll probably be quite a while. Photo edited to obscure the location we were fishing.