Tiny's Catfishing May 17, 2015

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Fished with Jeff D. Moore and his buddy Jeff Hawkins today... We had a little trouble with Jeff D turning off the clicker and I started hollering "Dammit" instead of "clicker' and I told him I was just gonna start calling him Dammit from now on and on his page his middle initial was gonna be D for Dammit hahaha ... got a lot of laughs out of it and he allowed as how I musta been in law enforcement at one time or another and I said no .. my whole family is though .. he allowed as how I had to be because I was such a horse sh**er hahaha. The fish have almost finished making the run so in a few days there won't be any fish left in the lakes for quite a while ... July 1st is when I start fishing again on my night trips at Kaw ... in Keystone it usually takes until about July 14th before they get back real good.

Dammit with a nice one about 8 lbs...hahaha

Jeff H in an action shot fighting a nice one in the current

Jeff H reeling in back to back fish while Dammit has one on the line as well.


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