Keystone Catfishing May 20, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

I was worn out today. I didn't get to sleep last night until 3am for the usual reasons. We left the boat ramp and caught shad pretty quick and started fishing. we hit a few spots with just about 3 takers and the third spot we tried was loaded with 4 lb'rs ... I'm thinking the big ones may have already taken off up river as there was nothing over 5.8 lbs. We caught 19 all together and had a really nice time ... it started getting too hot about 3 and we decided to go in. I cleaned fish and then sat in my truck to cool off for about 30 minutes and then took off for home. All the trips after this have to be night time trips because it's way too hot out there during the day now. I'm going to recouperate for a few days and then I'll probably go flathead fishin tuesday or so ...maybe monday if I feel like it.

Steve and Lark Steele with a couple of nice blues.

averaged about 4 lbs.