May 21, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Well, where do we start tellin about this one? This will be my final day trip for the summer for sure. I've gotta take off a bit for my leg to heal up but will be back out there the 9th of June to take the Winner of the Becky West Cancer Fund Raffle out. But, back to today's trip.

Tom Clayton was taking two younguns fishin today and booked the trip for today. High today was about 95 ... heat index was molten lead I'm pretty sure. it was hot hot by the time we or I couldn't take it any longer. The water was up quite a bit from some recent rains and not a lot of discharge at the dam. I hadn't been out there fishin all week due to the health problems I was tryin to get straightened up so I really didn't have a good idea of where to start. The channel I usually start out in had way too much current ... seems like that spot doesn't do well except when it's just got a little current and some good south wind. That was a good spot for the previous thursday trip with Tom and his Brother Doug. today it produced squat. We stopped at several places to kinda feel out the situation and the shallower we went the better the fishing was ... Tom asked me if we could get over to this one spot and I didn't think we could from there but we could go around ... the bait had all died on us due to the temp of the water we was pumpin into the livewell and was getting mushy and my son was goin to sleep on us so I decided to take him back to his truck so he could go back home and that's when we find out he's not sleepin ... he's having a low sugar attack and that makes for an interesting time but I knew what to do this time. we got him lined out and he was gonna go back home and we went to catch bait. Tom was worried about him as I was but he comes outta that stuff pretty fast .. I had some glucose pills and pop in the boat so that was pretty much taken care of. So, we got a few more shad ... they was all gone it seemed like from the jet ski's and weekend traffic later on in the day but it was getting hot by the time we headed back over to where we was gonna try and I knew how to get over there but as we were goin I seen that the water had come up a good 6" or so and we coulda went up in there from where we was at previously ... that's the way we went back. the only exciting time of the day was a double of about 7 lb'rs that Jack and Jake caught. two poles took off bending over ... they struggled a little to get the rods outta the rod holders and I never got a picture of any of the fish ... maybe jake will email me some so I can post um here. We got a nice shot of the young men at the boat ... jake wasn't able to muster a smile due to the hot pavement he was posing from hahaha. If ya read this Jake, email me some pics and I'll put um up. I don't remember how many we caught but it seemed like it was around 10 or 11 before the heat drove us off.
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Jake and Jack posin by "The Glenda Faye" (catfishin boat)
Tom sent me a pic ... thanks Tom!