Catfish Pictures May 23, 2003

Floodwater Fishing
Glenda wanted me to bring some fish home tonight so this is what I got. Fishin with one pole using shad heads just out on the edge of the swift water

This is my sweetheart Aspen and Her dad Chris ... she's a little angel ... she handed me something and said this is for you and she hesitated and said ... it's a flower ... I go "AAAAWWWWWW" So I took the little greenery with little white buds and put it in my hair ... I don't think it helped my looks none but it was a special moment for me.
I was reeling in a little fish and all of a sudden ... my pole started screamin line off ... I thought a flathead had hit the little fish I was bringing in and we fought this rascal in that floodwater for 30 minutes it seemed like .. Christopher took over for me and we hadda pull out all the tricks to get it landed just to find out it was a spoonbill. it had me around the pilings and I borrowed a snap swivel from Ray Dunn and Kevin rigged me up a floatie and I slid it down the line to bring my line over the pilings it worked and Christopher finally got it in
Chris reeled in several fish for me today including a very large Drum .. that's him in back and his son Jordan and Junior is on the right. Junior reeled in several fish for me tonight as well. Thanks guys.
Junior here with one of the blues he got in ... these guys was catchin fish on their poles too and was helping me out at the same time.
Chris and Kevin holding up my stringer fer me ... I never woulda been able to catch these fish had it not been for these fellas helpin me out today ... don't think my back coulda took it. Thanks again guys.