Keystone Catfishing Nov 1st, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the McGuire family today. Randy, the father, RaMae the mother, and Jeff the son. What a great family to fish with. RaMae was impressively aggressive when battling the whisker fish. She really put a hurtin on them today as you'll see in an action shot that I took. We caught all pretty good quality fish as they averaged around about 9 to 9.5 lbs. We fished about 4 hours and caught 13 fish between 4.5 to 12.3 lbs, not counting the 13th fish that we tried to release. It was a little Fajita sized fish, I don't think it woulda made a Taco. The majority of the fish weighed in at 9 lbs or better. Might have been less than that but the live well was plum full of fish. I don't think we could have gotten but one or two more fish in there as it was packed. The weather was a little chilly today at times and didn't start to get a little warm until later on in the day but it was great fishing weather.

This is a double that Jeff and RaMae caught, 11 lbs 8oz and 12 lbs 3oz.

RaMae in her action shot, Look at the bend she'd gotten in the backbone on that ole catfish uglystik

Randy with one of the nice fish he'd caught, Randy caught the most today
but Jeff and RaMae I think caught the biggest fish. Randy got a couple of 8 and 10 lb'rs in the boat as well.
This is one of the 10 lb'rs but I forgot the actual weight.

Today's catch, 13 fish today in 4 hours of fishing. Jeff, RaMae and Randy McGuire