Tiny's Catfishing November 1, 2015

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Fished with Rob and Aleen Miliser and Rob's cousin Terry and his lady Dee. Had a pretty tough time with the wind not blowing and when it would pick up a little we'd start catching fish and then it'd die down again. When we got a sustained wind we tore them up pretty good on one stop then it was time to head in so i'd have enough daylight to clean fish by. Aleen introduced herself to me this morning by scaring the bejeebees out of me at the convenience store... I stopped to get something to eat so my meds wouldn't make me sick this morning and I just started to bite down on a hotdog when all of a sudden... BAM and her face and hands was on my driver's side window ... my heart skipped about three  beats and I think a little pee came out of me. I was like oooooh ... you're gonna get it now. Today was a real blast ... me and Aleen goin at it all day and she even took two hand fulls of catfish buggers and wiped them all over my face after she put a fish in the livewell... She was so sweet though i couldn't retaliate though. Dee was in on the action as well ... saying something about me sitting in a certain spot so the boat wouldn't be tilting too much for her ... in other words ... get your fat arse over there so I ain't feel like the boat is gonna turn over hahahaha... thanks a lot!!! I said.

Rob with the first nice one

Little trouble maker Aleen with her first nice one

Terry and Aleen with a nice double

Aleen and Terry with a bigger double just shortly after the first double

Dee with a biggun


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