Keystone Catfishing Nov 4th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

I don't know if I can figure out how to tell this or not but I'll give it a whirl. These boys we fished with today and their dads was something else now. It was a blast and just as funny as it could be just about all day long ... I was trying to get them boys to settle down about getting the rods that were just flicking and I kept saying ... now don't worry bout it until it looks like something grabbed hold of the line and jumped off a cliff ... I think I said that about 10 times today but it didn't do any good. BUT!! this one time, one of the younguns said ... "but maybe they're LICKIN the bait..." I just about wet myself right their and then. Then Seth was explaining genetics and said something about his father's eyes being blue and that's why his eyes are blue and ole Mark couldn't let it go so he said a little later on in the day ... Hey Seth ... explain to us about genetics again. Seth said okay ... now like ... then he outstretched his hand like he's making a presentation towards or of Mark and said ... now if the father is butt ugly .... then he made the same motion with the other hand pointing at Phillip that would explain why Phillip is so butt ugly. The whole boat exploaded in laughter ... man alive, that beat anything I never helt, felt or smelt!

The fishing and weather was great today, we caught 37 fish not counting the ones we threw back. Phillip also caught one over 10 lbs that we hadda turn back cause it was foul hooked .. we took a pic of it but released it to fight another day. The boys also got a little wound up when I threw a striper back that I'd caught in the thrownet hahaha. The boys were some fishin MO SHEENS ..let me tell ya. They were bringing fish in right and left.

Phillip on the left and Seth on the right with a double they'd caught

Here's Seth's Biggun of the day. 15 lbs 3oz

Phillip's biggun at 12 lbs 8 oz

My camera went kapoot so I didn't get a picture of the total catch today ... maybe mark will send me one but just picture the whole bottom of the boat just covered in fish. that's about what it looked like.