Kaw Catfishing November 1, 2011

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We did another trophy trip today with Rick Aikman and his dad Charlie. Their buddy Don was with us as well. Charlie allowed to give Don a hard time when we first met at the ramp because he's a Yankee. So I did my best to make him cry at least once but it never happened ... all I could get out of him was laughter and giggling for about 6 hours. hahaha. Don ended up catching the biggun of the day and he also had the singular distinction of losing the biggest of the day as well. hahaha.  He had at least one biggun come unglued but we didn't hold it against him for the whole trip ... just most of it. hahaha. On these trophy trips we turn back everything over 15 lbs to preserve the fishery. They still ended up with almost 7 gallons of fillets today.

Rick with the first 15+ today

Charlie with a nice one about 12 lbs

Rick with another nice one

Charlie with another nice one

Yankee Don with a goodern

Don and Rick with a double

This was an action shot with father and son on a double ... Charlie and Rick

Don with the biggun of the day at 18 lbs