Keystone Catfishing Nov 7th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Went fishing with Rod and Jeanie Regier and their friend Charles. We had a fair day with 10 fish, pretty good I guess since the cold snap we had kinda changed everything around this week... the fish had done just the opposite of what I thought they'd do on this cold snap ... they were holding in areas or situations that I'd predicted pretty good but we'd get 2 to 4 bites in each of those spots and then nothing but they were all really good fish. only a few that we caught went under about 6 lbs and I'd guess the average at 8.5 or 9 with the biggest being 17+ lbs  and then 12.+ and a 10.8. all in all it was a great day with great folks. Here's a few pictures.

Here's Jeanie now with one of her MONSTER BLUECAT, Mississippi souped up whites.

Rod with his biggest blue of the day at 12+

Jeanie with her biggest blue at 10.8

Rod with his 17+ flathead

Total catch, 8 blues, 1 flathead and one channelcat. That's Charles on the right