Keystone Catfishing Nov 9, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Sonny and Harlan today. It was a tough day but we squeaked one out with 11 or 12 total fish. The biggest was a 10 lbs 11oz with a couple around 8 lbs. It was a really nice day and the wind kept building stronger and stronger but it was tolerable. The picture below has Harlan on the left side of the picture and Sonny on the other side. We caught two just right off the bat and then a couple more and then a long dry spell until we went back to the original pattern after trying some deeper water. It seemed like everything was still scattered from the last front so we pulled back to a pattern that matched what we were on when we caught the first four and started doing alright then. It was hard to locate fish anywhere else. Water temp was a big range today ... we fished in some water that was 67 degrees but in the main part of the lake it was running right at 58. Shad were everywhere and really thick between osage point and cowskin bay. We found bigger shad over by waresha creek. It was a really fun trip but we had to work for all we got.