Tiny's Catfishing November 9, 2014

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Fished with Milton and Nate, Father and son team from up Woodward today. We only fished half a day but due to cool water and the bite getting really hot we caught 27 fish total and quit by 1pm because Nate had to get his family back home early. We originally had planned to fish yesterday but had to call it off due to high winds. We were kickin butt and landing lots of smaller fish right off the bat and Milton said one of these days I want to come out with you again and get after some bigguns ... I said why shoot .. we can get that did today if you want... they allowed that'd be cool so we went out through the deeper water and I was showing the some tips on how to use their side imaging and came across this one spot that had lots of nice fish on it and a few bigguns and we decided to try it there ... we caught several nice ones and then caught the 32 lb'r and then I was thinking about relocating and getting on another spot and they allowed they had to go so at 1 we reeled in all the rods and cleaned fish

A nice action shot of nate reeling one in with the sun in the background

Another Nate action shot

Milton with a nice one

Nate with the biggun of the day at 32 lbs


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