Tiny's Catfishing November 9, 2015

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Fished with Roger, Tom, T.J. and Gary today and yesterday... we caught a ton of fish it seemed like... probably averaged 8 to 10 lbs each as well. The winter bite is about to kick on full force as the water temp is getting right on down there to where it needs to be... it was in the high 40's and when it gets down to the low 40s and another good hard cold front moves in they'll head to their winter areas. I had a blast with these guys ... great sense of humor and laughes were constant the whole two days. Told um some stories bout bad trips and good ones ... they seemed to like the bad ones better as they got a kick out of tiny's pain hehehe ... told um bout a guy named Sajeeve who thought I was stupid and didn't know he was ripping me off by shaking fish off to strategically catch around 40 lbs of fish so he wouldn't have to pay for the trip and others as well... like one dude what I told we wouldn't catch any fish but insisted we go out anyhow and then emailed me a few days later saying I ripped him off when I did everything I could to get him to postpone or cancel the trip.... they like that one real well. hahaha

Tom with the first nice one of the day

Gary with a nice one. Looks like he's upset about something hahaha

T.J. aka Terry with a goodern

Roger with a good one

Gary with the biggun of the day ... he's all happy now ... ain't he?! HAHAHA


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