Tiny's Catfishing November 1, 2015

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We smoked um good today too... did almost twice as much, pound wise. Fished again with Roger, Gary, T.J. and Tom. Didn't know if I could live up to the previous day but we caught twice as much almost on the second day. Worked out pretty good, huh! Today we had some pretty nasty wind to start out and that high wind got the fish cranked up like crazy .. we caught most of the fish in one spot and about an hour after we stopped there I started having to throw out as far as I possibly could to get out to where the fish were. I explained to them that the longer you sit in a spot the more the fish move away from the boat and I proved it by showing them that there were still plenty of fish there but I was almost having to give myself a hernia to cast the rods out far enough to get to them. We spent most of the day in that one spot and caught around 200 lbs in that one spot. High winds put lots of oxygen in the water making the fish feel good and got them really active but it was kinda rough on all of us as everyone but T.J. was seniors and those waves will take it out of anybody ... even a youngster.

Tom landed this nice one just as soon as we stopped in that first good spot

Action shot with Gary and T.J.

Roger with a nice one

Gary with a goodern

T.J. with a nice one again


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