Nov 11, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

I got to the ramp this evening at about 8 and a guy hollered down from the top of the ramp and said ... "are you tiny?" I said yeah ... have we met? he said no ... I'm Jim from Guymon. Almost shakesperean sounding, huh? ... or like Duke of Earl or James of Surrey. I said it's nice to meet ya Jim from Guymon ... he said he knew me from my web site and he also knew Worm'n. we visited from about 8 till about 11 hahaha ... I was talkin to myself while fishin and it was nice to have someone else to talk to so we just about talked each other's ear off. I told him about Worm'n tryin to cast my surf rod while he'd had a little too much pickling and fell down and almost fell in the water. He told me about hearing about Worm'n pheasant huntin up there and he didn't know if it was true or not but some guys started shootin his birds that he'd walked up and ole Worm'n was sposed to have hauled off and started shootin at them other hunters ... I said that's nuttin he got hooched up there at freddie's and I wasn't there but it was kareokie night or something and his choice of songs was "why don't we get drunk and screw!" I said you seen them hats? he said that's nuttin ... his sign on his building is like that too hahahahaha.

Well after speaking with Worm'n I gotta retract some of this ... seems that he and the land owner were pulling up and worm'n got out of his truck and some hunters was shooting at birds and some pellets hit worm'n and went through his drawers so that got him upset and he was fixin to draw down on um with #4 shot and a full choke when his dad hollered at him ... he never shot at them but the landowner ran them off and his dad gave them an ear full. The song was also wrong ... it was crappie chatt what was singing that song at freddie's ... SEEMS as though worm'n allowed that he don't drink too. I guess I better put a disclaimer on here for when someone wants to sue me for false info but there's really no need ... I got about 10 or 12 wanting to sue me now but they won't cause I ain't got no money. hahaha ... that's what I tell um when they say they're gonna sue me ... GET IN LINE, MAMA JAMA! or TAKE A NUMBER!

The shad are so thick up in keystone right now that it's best to use an alternate bait ... I used some of "Tiny's Secret" and I even caught a Striper on it. Man alive that's some good stuff hahaha. This is a pic of my last spot I fished ... I was up in less than a foot of water to start with and caught several there then they kicked the water on at the dam and the current picked up so I moved over to an eddy where the water was a little slower and caught about 4 or 5 there but I caught them all back towards the heavier current so I moved the boat that way after it got dark and also went back to deeper water ... 4 ft was right on the edge of the thick shad so I threw out some of the secret bait on 4 rods and one took off ... it was goin to town too ... almost made a loop around the boat and got into my other lines over there ... it's hard to keep up with them scaley fish with a 3:1 retrieve ... got that one in and was deciding whether or not to throw it back and then another rod takes off on some more tiny's secret ... got that one in and before I got it netted another rod is bowed over so my net is all tangled in that one and this next one is a goodern ... turned out it was just the pole was a lot more limber than the muskie rods ... was only bout 6ish so I just heaved him over the gunwale ... then another takes off before I can get any of this mess straightened out. I caught 5 fish in that last spot in under 5 or 6 minutes and I decided to count so I pulled them out of the livewell and miscounted ... I counted 13 so I thought I needed two more turned out that I'd already had 15 so I caught two more and then recounted and had 17 so I pitched two back. I started to reel in the remaining rods and had a lot of slack in one and it had a fish on it too so I get it in and it's about 5 lbs so I threw back a smaller channelcat. by the time I'd got done with that little scirmish I figured the striper had been out of the water too long so I went ahead and kept it too. Here's a pic of the edge of where the shad start to get thick on my fish finder ... I caught 5 fish in about as many minutes here. and then a few more just a little later

This is what I ended up with ... 15 blues with a couple channels in there ... biggest was around 10 or so to about 3 lbs and that one scaley fish at 6 lbs 13oz .. Only reason I weighed it was caught Jim from Guymon said it was 6 and a half and I thought it was about 5 so I weighed it ... didn't weigh any of the others so I think I may have underguessed that biggest one cause it kinda dwarfs that striper.