Keystone Catfishing Nov 11th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Robert, Tom, John and Kevin from up Kansas way. Wind was about to blow us outta the boat but we managed to catch quite a few fish ... caught 17 and the biggest was 11.10 caught by Robert and a 10.11 caught by Tom. The other guys managed a few around 8+ or so. We spent most of the day fishing a protected cove as the waves were just too much for me to handle ... we tried to get out in the rougher water but I couldn't take it. waves were coming at us from two angles making the boat rock side to side too much so we scooted on back to the cove we were in most of the day and caught a few more nice fish up there. then I looked over at John and said ... did you hear that ... He said no ... what ... I said it sounded like some fat lady sangin .... so when the fat lady sang it was time to bleed the fish and head back ... great day fishin even though it was tough conditions.

Robert with the biggest of the day at 11 lbs 10 oz

Tom was next with a 10 lb 11 oz

Kevin with an 8 lb blue

John with a nice one ... he caught bigger fish but he'd thrown them in the livewell before I could get a picture

Kevin hadn't gotten a picture with any of his fish yet and I was gonna make like he hadn't
caught any when I stringered him up some shad for a nice photo op and say this is all
Kevin caught but we got him later with the fish above that he'd caught. We ribbed Kevin
all day but he was a great sport about it all.

total for the day was 17 fish and all of them pretty good quality fish.