Tiny's Catfishing November 11, 2016

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Fished with Old Friend Woodson Woodson and his friends and my new friends Bruce A.K.A. HeyHeyHey and Bill A.K.A. Banana Boat Bill today. This was an amazingly fun day for me... First off we get in the boat and my eye catches something Yellow and I look closer and it's a big ole bunch of bananas ... Hair stands up on the back of my neck like I'm confronted face to face by a cottonmouth rattleheaded anaconda.. I'm like "OH SNAP ... YA'LL GOTTA GET RID OF THOSE BANANAS!!!". I then said ya'll didn't see the Red scrolling letters on my front page that says don't bring bananas or sunflower seeds ...yeah Bill said ... we knew about the rule but we didn't know why you had the rule ... thought maybe it had something to do with clean-up or something like that so we're fully prepared to take care of cleaning up after ourselves ... no it's not that ... we won't catch any fish and bad stuff will happen with nanners on my boat...it's happened way too many times ... well Bill said we actually had plans to leave them in the truck. Now to this comment I'm thinking now that sounds like a big bunch of horse manny. No Really Bill says we actually discussed that about that rule you had this morning when we bought the bananas so we got um .... I'm like well they gotta go ... you just said you knew about the rule but bought them anyhow????? Now that's pretty balsy right there you  .... you ... then just a little later I said I got the perfect nickname for you Bill ... what's that .... "Banana Boat Bill" .... Everyone just started LOL to that then Bruce was kinda in on this too and I said "Banana Boat Bruce" just doesn't have the same ring to it. A little later a fish nails #1 right by Bruce and Bruce starts pointing and poking towards #1 rod hollering Hey Hey Hey ... I said what the H*ll you pointing at it like that for .... get it!!!! And then Bruce's nickname became "HeyHeyHey" after that .... we had a real blast today. The fish that he was pointing and poking at initially was a biggun ... it stripped drag several times then bent the hook as I still had a few light wire hooks tied on from the other day when the fish were biting real light and letting go real fast so I changed out the last two light hooks out but never got another biggun to hit after that... I guessed it to be about 30 lbs and HeyHeyHey was really upset to lose it. hahahaha

Bruce or HeyHeyHey with the first nice fish of the day

HeyHeyHey and Banana Boat with a nice double of 8 and 9 lb'rs

Banana Boat with an 8.5 lb'r

Woodson Woodson with a nice one

B.B. with a 10


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