Keystone Catfishing November 1, 2010

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Fished with Lavell, Earl, Bobby and Don today from up at OKC. This was about as miserable as I'd ever care to be today. Wind was about 30 mph at times and the air temp got down to the mid 40's and raining on top of all that. I bout froze my bungalow off. We ended up catching a pretty good mess of fish despite the weather. Caught around 15 fish that averaged around 7 lbs each even though we'd started pretty late. I think we started fishing around 11am as we waited for that first round of storms to go by before we met over there at the Lowe's Parking lot in Ponca. Cut shad for bait. teamcatfish double action circle hooks made us capitolize on every bite today except for one Teased Lavell about him letting a 40 lb'r get off and I had to explain to him that it's the boat rule ... when you miss a good hit like that it's automagically considered a 40 lb'r. hahaha 

Left to right, Bobby, Don, and Lavell.
First fish of the day was a triple shown here.
middle fish was 15 Bobby's was around 11 and Lavell's was 7 lbs

Earl with a nice blue. He caught one close to 11 lbs
later on but it was raining hard so I didn't want to get my camera wet