Nov 13, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service
okay ... now I'm getting upset about them scaley fishes ... I went out today and never got a one scaley fish ... I went all up n down them banks trying to catch a sandbass or two but never got so much as a hit ... seen a bunch of striper workin that morning over by sandy island so I go over there and start chunkin a white crankbait, then a fire tiger then a blue and chrome rattle trap ... during this time stripers were bustin all around me ... I said to myself ... tiny ... they're makin fun of you ... they're hitting the top of the water to make you throw your lure at them and they're having quite a bit of sport with ya ... I said yeah I know ... I then reached under my arm and grabbed the handle of some cold steel and said self ... I bet if I was to plug the next one what hit the surface they'd quit laughin at ya ... then tiny sed nah ... ain't worth getting hauled to jail for so I went back to sandbass fishin ... didn't get any ... then I decide I'll make a long troll with my dandy new trollin motor and drop all three of them scaley fish lures behind the boat about 50 to 65 yds and sneak up on um ... while I was doin that danny snuck up on me... he hollered at me and asked if I was doin any good I guess it was about 3:30 or so ... I told him no and way trying to holler at him but he couldn't hear me and I asked who he was ... he said E-William ... I go "WHAT" he said it again E-William ... I asked if he was from the Notebook and he said yeah ... the tall guy ... and I hollered "DANNY IS THAT YOU???" he said yeah ... he was chasin birds and come to see how I was doin .... he went back to chasin the birds and I trolled on up towards the shallows and decided it's time to quit scaley fishin ... I reel them worthless spinnin reels in and pull up the trollin motor and head over to the shallows ... I didn't see any fish but the current was moving a little so I picked me a spot and caught 6 in about 30 minutes on tiny's secret. I figure well ... I might as well try even shallower so I get up in about 8" of water and about as far as I can get and threw several rods out there but never got a hit so I moved back and just a little north of where I caught the first six and threw out a couple poles and got a hit instantly and was reeling it in when I hear the unmistakable sound of a scorpion jet coming up behind me ... I say to myself ... self ... that there's prolly tony and sure enough ... they go sicklin by as I'm reeling the fish in and they turned around and asked how I was doin and I said I caught about 7 or so ... tony allowed they caught a bunch and one around 20 lbs. then they took off and I remembered that my nav lights was out so I checked that right quick and the fuse was burnt and I looked around for a fuse but didn't have an extra so I figured I'd better get back ... caught one more and took a pic of them at the ramp and threw um back in. the two biggest was around 7 lbs and I caught them in about an hour and a half ... I sure did hate leaving up there with um biting that good