Tiny's Catfishing November 13, 2015

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Fished with Tim and Justin today. This was the single most weird bite I've ever encountered I believe. My experience said that since we were only getting a few of the fish to bite in really shallow water and we found some in a foot deeper water that wouldn't bite at all I figured that going deep would be useless as it normally always is like that. Justin suggested going to the place where Monday, Roger got beat up pretty good by two big fish and I figured we might as well give it a shot... Went down there and the first bite came within just minutes of casting out and it was the biggun of the day at 18.2 lbs and then we caught three more nice ones in deep water... I had no confidence at all that we'd catch anything down there but just goes to show ya ... There's no hard and fast rules when it comes to fishing for bluecat... they'll fool ya once in a while.

Tim with the biggun of the day at 18.2 lbs

This was actually the first nice one of the dat at around 11 lbs


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