Tiny's Catfishing November 13, 2016

Tiny's Guide Service

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I fished with Terry and his Brother Michael ... their sons Shane and James. Looks like Tiny's Guide Service may be out of bidness and this might be my last trip as my motor locked up today ... beings I've only been charging my break-even rate I've not been able to accumulate any funds and there may be some major problems with the motor as the injector compressor locked up. I didn't remember this until I got home that on my trip with my cousin and his FIL the chain that held onto the oil cap came off the oil cap and fell down in the oil container. This chain is made like a rabbit's foot chain with round balls fastened together with little metal shafts... I"m wondering if one of those balls didn't plug the tank and not allow oil to free-flow out of the tank as the injector compressor distributes oil to vital parts of the optimax motor and the injector compressor alone sells for between 700 and 900 bux so I may be unable to continue guiding if this is the case. I'm already well in the hole due to the rates I"ve been operating under so this may have been my last trip unless I can figure something out. The fish were shut off pretty badly today but we managed to catch some nice ones ... biggest fish was 22 lbs.

P.S. Nov 14, 2016. Looks like I may not be going out of business as my cousin Roy and Gerald from www.marineplusparts.com is taking care of my motor issues. Phew!!! We checked the compression on my motor and all cylinders running at 110 to 120 so that's all good ... now just gotta wait on part to get here. They're also going through my motor to check and fix everything on it.

Shane with the first nice one of the day

My man Mohawk James with his first fish of the day

Mohawk with his biggun of the day at 11 lbs

Shane's dad Terry with the biggun of the day at 22 lbs

Michael with a nice one at the end of the trip


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