Nov 14, 2005 Keystone Lake Catfishing

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I don't know where to start ... this was kind of a weird night even for me. The top picture was the last two I caught ... the livewell was full and I was precariously close to my limit of 15 and I wasn't going to keep them anyhow so I just weighed the biggest one which was 10 lbs 5 oz. This was a double ... had just netted the biggest one and my other rod took off clicker was screamin and I thought okay ... now I've got a fish all tangled in my net and I'm gonna need it on this one but it was okay ... it was just a punky 7 lb'r. I had caught a bunch of fish from about 4pm to about 6:30 pm and hadn't counted yet when I start hearing the biggest splashing you ever heard out on a lake ... the wind wasn't blowing ... there was no current so fishing was a little tougher like that ... hadda break out my arsenal of tricks to catch these fish as the scent dispersal had to be done with the wind ... used balloons to deploy my baits slowly across the lake and doing that leaves a good scent trail and when a fish comes across the trail he'll track the bait down ... I fished with two rods only ... started out just using a three way floated rig and only got a couple like that so I switched over to balloons since the only thing moving was a light breeze and set the hook at about 4 ft deep. That's kinda like drifting but since it was shallow water the boat goes over an area and it'll spook the fish so you gotta do it differently. Okay ... back to the massive splashing I heard ... I used my trolling motor and snuck up on the monster fish and they wasn't monsters at all ... it was millions of decent sized fish ... I was guessin they were carp but I'd never seen carp congregate like that so I started throwing a white crankbait and was getting hits but before I'd get um to the boat they'd get off ... so I started really setting the hook ... I hit myself with the crankbait several times ... got it tangled in everything a few times and once I throwed a granny knot in the line when I set the hook as it was goin through the air hahaha ... then I finally get a glimps of one of them and I had snagged it ... see, when one of them would get spooked it started a chain reaction from over 100 yds and all of them would spook at once so this was kinda wild ... so many fish in the area and the one I got a glimpse of looked like a striper but since there were so many out there I wasn't gettin bit ... I was snagging them with that little white crank so I gathered me up an idea ... I'd tie me on a 12/0 treble hook and see what them rascals was ... now you talk about a blast ... I was messin with those things for like an hour and a half trying to catch one ... I'd hook up but they'd get off for some reason so when I ran that treble through a big bunch of them I hooked up ... that was kinda fun but I'd worn myself out and the boat was a mess from rods thrown down in the middle of the boat cause I was in a hurry to get over there and the nets were everywhere ... had hooks and lines all tangled in my dipnet and I even tried to catch one in my thrownet just to see what they were so it was layin in the bottom of the boat with the rest of the net ... now I hooked into a nice one with that treble hook and the fight was on ... it took forever to land that thing on 6 lb test but I finally seen what it was ... it was a buffalo I've never seen buffalo group up like that .... (((EVER!))) so this was a new one on me ... I got such a kick outta that that I caught a couple more and photographed one of them. Several people have asked me what the difference between a buffalo and a carp was and this was also a good way to show them ... the pics of the buffalo are at the bottom of the page and it shows the treble hook stuck in his tail too. So now after I'm all worn out I go back to catfishin ... I knew there was a storm sposed to come in so I kept an eye out for that .. moon was full and water temp was 57.6. I'd already caught a truck load of fish and my back was still sore from the day before being out in that wind and I straightened the boat back out and went back to where I was drifting those balloons and caught two more and noticed that there was a cloud forming to the north ... wasn't a big one but I decided since I'm hurtin pretty bad I'd go ahead and throw those two back and get a pic of the rest of them ... turned out the first count was 13 in the livewell and the biggest one in there was 9 lbs 13 oz and several in the 7 lb range... I get my pics taken and I get almost to the ramp when I see lightning ... it was that little cloud that formed back where I was fishing and there was some to the north too about a mile or three away and coming fast so I get in a hurry and that was a big mistake. I hit my leg on the rod holder to get up on the deck so I could go get the pickup backed down the ramp and it knocks a big chunk of skin off my leg ... everyone knows my problem with my heart and stuff and it tore it off right in front of the ulcerated sore I've had since 1993 and now it looks like I'm gonna be in bed for about a month to get it healed up again. Don't click on this if you have a weak stomach the sore to the left is the ulcerated sore and the sore to the right is the new one I put on there tonight .... I got the boat loaded up at 9:30 and the first rain drops hit me while I was securing the lights and stuff. I get to the guard shack and the flood hits and I'm talkin about a flood too ... max driving speed on the interstate was about 35 mph so I got outta there just in time. Seems like I got a lot done today in 5.5 hours don't it hahaha.

one on the left is 10 lbs 5 oz
I had 13 total in the livewell and it was full ... biggest out of the livewell was 9 lbs 13 oz.

Snagged a Buffalo