Keystone Catfishing Nov 14th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Marvin and Carroll Williams again today. It was a terrible day and very limited on where we could fish due to high winds. The front that came through sometimes last night sure put a kink in everything. It had all the fish moved to new locations and with the extreme weather it was impossible to use any fish locations methods as you couldn't tell anything about what was going on due to the high waves and what not. We ended up with 8 fish. three of which were pretty good ones and we lost a few around stumps also. The biggest one today was 10.0 lbs. I thought it'd be a good idea to anchor the boat by a stump so that maybe the boat wouldn't swing around so much but man that sure was a mistake ... the wind was still whipping us around pretty badly and bumping up against the stump sure put a nasty hitch in my git-a-long. I tried to not let on like I was hurt too badly but I think Marvin and Carroll could see that I was pretty uncomfortable and they called an end to the fishing trip. I sure enjoy fishing with Marvin and Carroll .. she's the one that the "carroll's cut-lip catfish caller" originated and I kinda new that she was gonna have one made for me when they showed up today ... complete with lanyard and all but this one had a separate one for bluecat and it was blue in color and another one that was red for all the other fish. I'm not gonna post the deal about the pelicans, Carroll. It was major funny though. hahaha.

Marvin with a 10.0 blue

9.8 lbs

Total catch today was 8. a few were channelcat and one little flathead and the rest were bluecat.