Keystone Catfishing November 17, 2012

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Fished with Jerry, Larry, Dennis and Ryan today from up Witchita KS. Had a great day catching over 350 lbs of fish ... We threw back some and kept around 43 ... Biggest was 17 lbs and a couple of 15 lb'rs ... several we caught was over 10 lbs too ... They went home with almost 10 gallons of fillets so it was a whopper of a day. Ryan caught the biggun of the day and Dennis and Jerry caught the two 15 lb'rs. I think Jerry caught the most catching several over 10 lbs. Worked my tuckus off as I had to drop down to 6 rods and even 4 for a while as they were biting too fast for me to keep up.

Dennis with one about 15

Jerry with a nice one

Dennis again

Larry and Ryan on one of the many doubles today

Ryan with his biggun of the day

Ryan with one about 13