Keystone Catfishing Nov 18, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

Today's fishing was some kinda tough. I think we missed more fish than we caught ... I thought maybe the hooks we were using was the initial problem .. I had 4/0 Kahles on and then switched to 8/0 gamakatsu circles and we only caught one bluecat after switching and that was right at dark. The fish were biting funny or something as we'd get a lot of shad heads back that were crushed but we'd never even see the bite ... I think I should have switched to really small hooks and we'd have done a lot better but hindsight is always 20/20. Ian caught the biggest one today at 10 lbs 5oz and an 8.8 but we didn't get a pic of that one as it was getting dark and my camera won't pick up after it gets that dark. we caught 2 or 3 more after we took the top picture. We'd get hits and then they'd let go almost immediately and then we'd get a lot of hits we didn't even see. then we had a lot of them just come unbuttoned half way in ... it was really weird but I guess we did alright considering. It was a cold trip back to the ramp as we let that sun go down on us. It was a really nice day for the most part ... a little cool but not too much wind. All fish caught on cut shad.

Ian with a double he'd got on his poles ... his father Terry reeled one of them in and Ian said it's still my fish hahaha.

Terry with a nice blue, notice the look on Ian's face ... Like "mine was bigger, dad" hahaha.

Ian with the biggest of the day, 10 lbs 5oz.