Keystone Catfishing Nov 20th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Anne and Carl today. A great couple of fisherpersons from up around Owasso ... wind was terrible and the fishing was tough. Anne made mention that she wanted to catch one of those thirty pounders so we went in search of some larger fish even though we had super high winds ... we messed around with that for about 3 hours and then came back down to the lake where we didn't do a whole lot better ... We caught 8 fish with the biggest at 9.12 lbs. They had a little competitive streak as they were talkin trash to one another just a little ... Anne would say ... how many did you catch, again? .. Carl would say ... just two but "Mine" were the mean ones! hahaha. I had me a mishap on the way home too ... I battoned down my hatches and got road ready and took off ... went by the Sonic and got me something to eat cause Glenda allowed as how she wasn't feeling well so she didn't fix me anything to eat ... then on my way home about half way between 33 and 51 hwy on 48 I seen some Xmas lights and thought about stopping to take a picture of them for glenda ... OH CRAP ... I LEFT MY NEW CAMERA AND JACKET BACK THERE IN THE BACK PASSENGER SEAT ON MY BOAT!!!!!. I pulls over real quick and then jump out ... a Semi about runs me over and I get about half way down the boat and see there's nothing in the seat where my jacket and camera had been and then noticed something dark looking hung between the boat and motor ... my camera had lodged right in front of the motor. PHEW!!! Jacket was gone but it was an old one. DOUBLE PHEW!!! almost lost my new $300 digital camera.

Carl and Anne Bagby

Anne with her 8.8 lb blue

Anne again with the biggun of the day at 9 lbs 12 oz