Keystone Catfishing November 20, 2010

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Fished with Jason, Frank, Mark and Levi today. Had a pretty great day with 20 fish. biggest one was 15.5 lbs and several 10+ fish today. Weather was pretty good today as well... it was a little windy but ya can't have everything. Ole Levi was a mess .. he was making up names for stuff ... a couple I remember was "that throwy round thingy" which meant "thrownet" and grippy grippy thingies was catfish grips .. hahaha. bout 3 oclock I said okay ... who caught the most fish ... Levi proudly raised his hand as to say ME ME ME ... I said okay ... you gotta clean all the fish ... his happy smiley face morphed into a frown and he said "OH CRAAAPPP!" hahaha ... Had a lot of fun messing with Mark today too.

Frank with the first 10+ fish

Then Levi caught one

then Levi with another 10+ and Mark with a nice one making this one a double

Then Mark and Frank caught a double

Levi with another 10+

Frank with another one

Then Mark with a nice one