Tiny's Catfishing November 20, 2013

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The winter big fish bite is on! Fished with Noah, Steve A.K.A "Hawker" A.K.A. "Anchorman", Leonard and John. It was windy as all git-out today so that limited us to where we could fish but I found some 6 or 7 bigguns and we got two of them to bite along with several 10 to 15 lb'rs. Biggest was 31 lbs. Hawker hooked a biggun that was as big or maybe bigger than any we caught today but he just reeled it right towards the back anchor rope and it wrapped around the anchor rope and snapped off instantly. Well this wasn't the end of that as Noah started rubbin it in and ain't let up all day... this is how Hawker acquired a new nickname which was "Anchorman" and I helped a little by sayin every once in a while "ya remember that time we went fishin and ole hawker/anchorman reeled that big fish right towards that back anchor rope ... man alive that was sumpthin' ... hahaha. But, Noah was relentless raggin on Hawker ... lots of fun today ... we all had a blast.

Leonard was smokin everyone most of the day. This was his first nice one. 15 lbs

This was his next one bout 13

And another bout 13ish

Noah with a nice one bout 10 lbs

Then John hooks his biggun of the day that weighed in at 31 lbs
Hawker had to help John hold this rascal up for the photo.