Keystone Catfishing Nov 25, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

We had a great trip today, Keith came up from Sapulpa and Ted and Paul came from Coweta. The fishing was about the same as the other day but we used a little different rig. I thunk and thunk on how to increase the hookup rate after we'd missed so many fish on the last two outtings because we'd missed well over half our hits on one trip and almost that on the next so I came up with the same rig except using an embroidery needle to thread a leader up through the cut shad and used a treble hook ... it was a pain in the butt to bait up each time but it paid off in a big way as we had only a very few missed fish on the treble hooks where the kahle hooks missed more times than they hooked um today. We had a few kahle hooks and eventually switched those out all except for one rig and the hookup rate went up dramatically. Paul had several misses in a row on the 5/0 Kahle hooks. What I did was tied a 4/0 treble hook onto a one foot leader on most of them and then tied a loop in the upper end and had a snap swivel tied on the mainline with a dropper loop. then to bait this rig up I'd have to unsnap the hook leader and then put the loop through the eye of the embroidery needle then push the needle up through the cut shad or shad head and out the other end then pull the leader through the bait and let it drop down to the treble hook and then stick one of the treble hooks into the meat and the other two sticking out on both sides of the bait ... it was a deadly rig. we missed maybe only 5 fish or so on the trebles if that many.

Keith caught the biggun today at 17 lbs 7 oz. They'd had a wager going and Keith won both with the first fish and the biggest on the very first fish caught of the day.

Keith, Ted and Paul. 35 fish total, average weight a little over 5 lbs.