Keystone Catfishing Nov 25th, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Lots of fun today. Right off the git-go ole Ryan latched onto one ... a biggun and I asked "is he big enough that I should raise the anchor" Ryan said .. I don't know ... I don't think so but I should have anyhow cause it was a nice one ... I said out he don't get in the anchor rope and the next thing I see is ole Ryan standing there like the Statue of Liberty with the rod pointed straight up in the air and he's got hold of the rod butt ... and I was like .. what ya doin ... reel on him and he did and then the fish turned back towards the anchor rope again and then he does a tail-walk across the water ... he was literally poppin a wheely. Ryan and I both got a good look at him and if I was gonna guess it woulda been a 28 lb guess but when he started tail-walkin on water it looked like Ryan had the line gripped in his palm and I hollered "Don't hang onto the L....." and he was gone ... wasn't cause the line broke though ... it just ripped the hook outta the fish's mouth and Ryan allowed as how he didn't have hold of the line which he may not have as the line never got tested because the hook ripped outta it's mouth so I reckon he wasn't hooked too good. (edited next day: The drag was a little too tight when I checked it on the next setting as I'd broken the rig off on the previous trip and I never reset the drag. It'd still slip but it was awful tight. It's really funny how those bigger fish can make funny things happen though.) Then Tiny hadda turn into a counselor and console Mr. Ryan and explain that that kinda stuff just happens and ya shouldn't beat yourself up over it cause the day is still young as we'd only been fishing about 10 or 15 minutes but it took a while for him to get over the loss of the nice fish ... I think on about the 5th or 6th fish he reeled in, the thought of losing the bigger fish was all but a faint memory as he was having too good of a time to worry bout spilt milk. We worked that area over real good and I decided to go out in search of some more nice fish but never located any bigguns but I found another big group of fish ... I didn't tell them that there was a lot of fish there when we first stopped but Ryan allowed as how we'll catch one more and then call it a day after Scott reeled one in and then they started making their presence known as we had three more fishin in the boat before we could tend to that first one so we ended the day with 18 fish in about 4 hours of fishing. They were getting cold so that's why we quit early. I was good and cold about 3 hours earlier hahaha. Cleanin those daggum fish was the cold part though. the average weight was about 7.5 lbs with the biggest two at 13 lbs. and 13.2. we also caught another one in that last little flurry that was about 9 or 10 lbs that we hadda turn loose cause it had popped the hook outta it's mouth and rehooked himself in the fin. can't keep foul hooked gamefish.

Scott with the biggun of the day at 13.2 lbs

Ryan with the next biggest at 13.0 lbs

Ryan with a 9 lb

18 total for the day